Bank Loans For Dispensaries

FAQs about Dispensaries Business Loan and How to Get a Loan to Open A Dispensary

What CBD Industries Do You Work With?

We offer dispensary financing and loan work services to entities in the entire cannabis supply chain, including growers, wholesalers, testing labs, dispensaries, etc.

How Fast Will I Receive My Funds?

All banks operate differently. A loan can take a few weeks to several months to process. Once you are approved, you will need to collect documentation and evidence of what you plan on using your loan for. 

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

You will need to prove that you have an operational business, preferably with a positive cash flow. Also, your business must have operated according to state law since opening. As you might expect, your business will be ineligible if it violates any federal laws or regulations. To make sure that your business is eligible, it’s a good idea to work with an attorney or financial consultant who understands bank-loan requirements for cannabis businesses.

What Do I Need To Apply?

Many factors will affect what documents you need to submit to apply for a loan. These can include your credit score, business history, business plan, tax returns, and industry data, such as average salary ranges.

Other items that may come up include an ownership interest in other companies, type of inventory (flower, edibles, tincture, oil, vapes, etc.), equipment used, cash on hand, loan amount requested. Before applying with your local financial institution, ensure you have gathered all relevant documentation.

What is the SAFE Banking Act?

The SAFE Banking Act would prevent federal regulators from penalizing financial institutions with state-licensed marijuana businesses. There is bipartisan support in Congress for this draft law, and it has a good chance of becoming law. This bill is critical to businesses in states where medical or recreational marijuana is legal. Why? Because without access to banks, cannabis businesses are forced to operate as cash-only businesses, leaving them vulnerable to robbers and tax evasion schemes.

What’s The Interest Rate and Overall Cost?

The interest rate will vary depending on your relationship with your lender, so it’s best to ask a few different lenders and compare their offerings. As you’re looking around, be sure to read all of their fine prints before you sign anything.

Since cash flow is always an issue in business, try to secure a loan with as low an interest rate as possible (but isn’t too risky) while keeping your total costs—including fees and other penalties—as low as possible.

Can CBD Business Open A Bank Account?

The big banks aren’t yet working with cannabis-related businesses, but some small ones are. So yes—depending on which financial institution you choose. Some credit unions welcome cannabis businesses with open arms.

Where Can I Get A Dispensary Business Loan?

For more information about how business loan for dispensaries work or to apply for a cannabis business loan, please Bespoke Financial at 323-508-1280 or email today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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