Do you need to hire the best private investigator in Denver, Colorado? You need to contact Flatirons Private Investigations.

What Does A Private Investigator Do?

A Private Investigator can provide several different services for a client. If you watch a lot of television, private investigators often get a bad reputation.  We are professionals and conduct ourselves as such.

We provide several services to the general public.  We can help you because if we take your case, we are committed to providing you with the very best service available. There are times we can’t help for various reasons. We will always let you know upfront. If we can’t help, we will try and find someone who can.  All of our techniques are ethical and legal. We will not do anything that won’t be admissible in court or isn’t permitted. If you want someone’s bank records or you want to hack their telephone, we are NOT the company for you.

If you can find what you are looking for on Google, chances are you don’t need us. We have the skills to dig deeper and find out more because we know how and where to look. Let us provide the best private investigator in Denver to solve your query. We get out of the office and chase down leads and don’t use a computer to do all the work for us.

We can provide you with the following services:

Background Investigations

Cheating Partners, (wife, husband, significant other)

Child Support Enforcement

Family Law

Missing Persons

Parenting Time Investigations

Process Service

Social Media Investigations

Surveillance Services

What Is Parenting Time Investigations?

If you need the best investigator in Denver for your custodial issues, we can help. We will investigate what the other parent does when they have your child or children. This type of investigation is conducted to help a mother or father with parental rights and scheduling conflicts. There are times when one parent wants to spend more time with their child and can’t because of the way their custody arrangement and parenting plan is written out.

If a parent is picking up their child for a regular visitation and then taking them to a sitter and leaving them, we will find out.  If they are doing something they shouldn’t be, we will find out.  Sometimes parents even pick their kids up and then go to a second job. Behavior like this can be especially hard on the child because they aren’t spending time with their parents like they are supposed to.

We conduct surveillance and see what happens on visitations. Sometimes these types of investigations turn up abusive behavior. We follow the unfit parent and document their activities. A video recording showing what is happening during a planned visitation allows you to display real proof to a judge.

Of course, we can do several different things for you. Let us find a deadbeat parent, a family member, or even a friend from school you haven’t been able to contact or find.  The more information we have to go on, the better. Contact us at Flatirons Private Investigations for all of your investigative needs.