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Finding Better Credit Counseling Services In Cincinnati

All credit counseling services in Cincinnati are not the same. We know because we have been where you are. The fear that debt produces is one of the most all consuming emotions that a person can experience. We have found a way to take that fear away.

We do not promise instant or miraculous cures for credit card debt or other types of debt. You have to work for it. Unlike many credit counseling services in Cincinnati we are not in the business for your money.

These are the differences that better credit counseling services in Cincinnati can offer you.


A company that is profit based has a tendency to look at the bottom line first. Your needs may become secondary to the desire to make a profit. You can be taken advantage of by a company that only wants to make a profit from your debt. A nonprofit can provide minimal costs to produce the same results.

A guarantee

A guarantee that credit counseling services in Cincinnati will reduce the amount that you pay each month and provide you with a path to become debt free is unheard of. If our direction and efforts do not work for you then, we refund your money. It is that simple. We guarantee the refund in writing.

ISO Certification

ISO is an international body that establishes and monitors quality standards for procedures in most industries. A company that is certified by ISO shows that it has continually trained people, managed systems, and dealt with clients in a high quality manner.

Proven results

Fear makes people afraid to try a new approach to things. Our process is different. We have proven that our method works for 200,000 people. We have been working with individuals to help them become debt free for 25 years.

Faith based

We realize that you may not share our particular faith. We are not here to convert people. The practice of honesty and concern for the problems of other people are precepts of all faiths. We do our utmost to make you feel that there is someone that you can trust who is really on your side.

Personal approach

Every case is different. We do not use a cookie cutter method. We examine your situation in minute detail. All of your information is kept in the strictest confidence. Our goals are to develop a realistic and workable plan to get you out of debt.

You must be prepared to change. Living with a budget and learning how to develop a budget based on your income must become a skill that you practice in real life. You have to learn how to use debt instead of being used by it. We can teach you this.

Fighting giants

Banks, credit card companies, and other companies that you owe money to seem like giants. The debt collectors that constantly harass you are a plague you cannot get rid of by yourself.

We can handle this for you. All debt is negotiable if you know the right people to deal with. This makes you monthly payment lower.

It is a process

There are three steps to the process. You get out of the cycle of creating more debt. You pay off what you owe at a reasonable monthly rate. You get taught how to stay out of debt.

We get the pleasure of helping people get out of the debt mess and teaching them how to live within their means. Many of us had the problem and overcame it. This makes us a different credit counseling services in Cincinnati.


credit counseling services Cincinnati

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credit counseling services Cincinnati

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