Since its appearance several years ago, IT has played a vital role for all companies. It offers the most benefits to the data management of each company. However, data such as administrative, legal, commercial, financial documents, etc., must be recorded and stored for use whenever necessary. Inseparable from IT, data entry is a function that cannot be neglected.

Data entry, also known as computer entry or electronic data capture, consists of integrating all the information manually into an electronic device, most often a computer. This task's execution is carried out for more speed and efficiency nowadays, with specific software. The information entered is stored in the machine's memory for instant or later use. This stored information is referred to as the term “database.”

Data entry is a process that can take time, especially when automating information like forms, surveys, etc. Besides, the execution of this task requires rigor to avoid wrong information. This is why many companies choose to entrust this project to a company whose EDC system is top-notch to comfortably concentrate on their core business and benefit from quality service while the company carries out their data capture.

A company's ability to concentrate on its core business and take the burden of data capturing off its employees is the primary benefit of an electronic data capture company.

Besides, the company benefits from professionalism and expertise in entering its data with an external service provider. Indeed, outsourcing companies are experienced in meeting all the needs and requests of companies regarding data entry. They can support different documents and integrate them into the company's database through their electronic data capture software.

And this is where Scan Optics data solutions come in!

At Scan Optics, we help you convert your paper information into digital documents using our sophisticated EDC software.

Our EDC software manages the inventory of boxes, files, and magnetic tapes, for their entire lifespan. Other modules also make it possible to support digitization and destruction services. Our convenient and user-friendly solution is unmatched in the information and document management industry.

The benefit of our EDC software

Our EDC software enables your business to manage and track your data capturing daily through a system that doesn't require much computer literacy. Our software gives you the access and control you need to improve your document center's efficiency and productivity.

We designed our EDC software system to allow you to;

  • Benefit from a better precision
  • Be in control of your data capturing.
  • Ensure the integrity of your inventory.
  • Give yourself more flexibility.
  • Increase your efficiency.
  • Seize growth opportunities.
  • Become more efficient.

Our EDC software also gives you access to;

  • Unlimited number of users and articles.
  • Support for smartphones and PDTs (Portable Data Terminals).
  • Unique bar codes that identify the type of item and the customer.
  • Full-text and Boolean searches that consult all fields and documents (physical or electronic).
  • Management of files on open shelves.
  • Creation of custom SQL reports.
  • Simple and efficient data import.
  • Multiple personalized information fields.
  • Creation of personalized labels.
  • Over a hundred preconceived reports.

If you'd love to entrust your data management into the hands of the professionals, contact Scanoptics for the most intelligent data management.



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