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Morses Club Claims

Morse club claims and most doorstep lenders you have probably been mis sold the doorstep loan at some point especially if you have taken more than one loan from the lender. If you have taken out more than one loan we would love to hear from you, no matter the date you took it out, they still hold your personal data and personal information. We will handle your complaint and claim from start to finish. Our clients that have used us for claims against the provident have been extremely satisfied with our service.


Did you take out one or more loans from the lender Morse and had to take out other loans to support the origional loan as you were affraid it would affect your credit score? Doorstep lending took full advantage of this weakness, the morse club agent made a lot of money from your hardship. The worst part is that it was not complient and the interest rate was high. We can make the claim on your behalf to make sure you are due any money is returned to you with interest.

Doorstep Lender

A doorstep lender aka morses club agent may have been an initial saviour to your finacial crisis but then you had to take out another morse club loan as the repaiments were not achievable and scared of making a late repayment. Some called it a payday loan, but in reality it emptied your bank account. Some lenders did not comply with the regulations as they did not do an affordability check to make sure you were not about to be plunged into more debt that you were already in. The application process was very easy but the interest rate was not clear and most probably no affordability assessment was carried out. The regulators are aware of this now and are puttung in place a compensation claim process. We are a claims management company that is here to help you through the process.


If you were/are a customer of morses club loan and are struggling to pay your loan and worried about your credit rating as you have missed a payment or made a late payment then please get in touch with us. We can help you prevent you going into insolvency.

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