What Can I Claim Back from Morses Club?

If Provident has enabled you to take one or more loans and has not carried out the proper due diligence, you could be eligible for compensation. If your claim is successful, you may be entitled to have the loan stopped and claim for: All the interest you have paid on the loans Loan fees and […]

Who are Provident?

Provident provides cash loans from £100-£1,000, delivered to your door, known as Doorstep Loans. Provident is a trading name of Provident Personal Credit Limited which was incorporated in February 1917, and they are based in Bradford, England. They are part of the Provident Financial Group who also provides Credit Cards and Vehicle Finance. The weekly […]

Can I claim money back from Morses Club Loans?

Have you taken out a personal loan with Morses Club in the last 10 years? You may be entitled to a refund claim Many Provident customers may be entitled to compensation if Provident allowed them to take out lots of loans, one after another. Often when people take out Morses Club loans regularly it is a sign that they are struggling with their […]

How long does it take from start to finish?

From the day you complete a claim application form, you will be contacted shortly after by one of our partners who will work your complaint. You should receive a response via the claims management company from the lender/lenders to your complaint between 8 – 16 weeks. If the lender rejects the claim, it may be […]

What reason / why could I claim for a refund?

If the lender did not make the necessary checks before they gave you the loan, this could be irresponsible lending. Lenders are responsible for ensureing that people can afford the loan, and not struggle to make the loan payments. If you have found yourself in this situation, this is where we can help you. Our […]

What type of loans can you claim a refund against?

This is a very frequently asked question. The best answer we can give you is, almost every loan in the market. We mainly help you claim refunds against Doorstep lenders like: Provident & Greenwoods Morses Club Loans at home Mutual CLC Finance Compton Finance GR Finance Naylors Finance Pinewood Finance C0 Short Term Finance (Birmingham) […]

I’m in arrears, can I still claim?

Sometimes for reasons outside your control, you may be struggling with your repayments and have fallen into arrears. Under FCA rules, where there is an ongoing claim against a lender, then the lender must not keep asking for payment without providing clear justification or evidence as to why the claim is invalid. Where possible you should […]